Referral discount


Normal Process

A (Referrer) finds Interactive French and wants to enroll in the level 1 group course. She/he also asks her/his friends B and C to join the same course.


I. Case 1

Z (Referrer) enroll in the French group course and paid full payment. Before the course start, Z (Referrer) asks Y to join the same course. The plus one discount of Z will be credited upon renewal.

Normal Case
Z (Referrer) Y
1st package -200 -200
2nd package -200 -200


Case 1
Z (Referrer) Y
1st package 0 -200
2nd package -400 -200


II. Case 2

E (Referrer) enroll in the French group course with F and G. They finished the 1st group course, and G do not want to join the 2nd group course. The change of enrollment will be reflected in the plus one discount.

Normal Case
E (Referrer) F G
1st package -400 -200 -200
2nd package -400 -200 -200


Case 2
E (Referrer) F G
1st package -400 -200 -200
2nd package -200 -200 /


Differences between Plus one Discount and Referral Program

Plus One Discount VS Referral Program
Group course only Group course/ At least 10 hours private package
Same course Different course
Max. 4 people No limit
Direct use on 1st & 2nd group courses Voucher can use within 1 month of next renewal


Terms and Conditions

I. Definitions and Interpretation

In these Terms and Conditions, the following words shall have the meaning respectively ascribed to them:


‘Referrer’ means a customer who participates in the referral program by referring to the eligible friend/family to become a referee.


‘Referee’ means the person who never purchased from Interactive French before and whom the referrer has referred through the program.


2. Eligibility Criteria

The program is open and available to referrers who meet the following criteria:

2.1. The referrer must be an existing customer who has successfully purchased group course(s) / package(s) (private/ semi-private) of at least 10 hours.

2.2. It is the referrer’s responsibility to contact Interactive French in order to claim the voucher.

2.3. The referee must be the new customer of Interactive French.

2.4. Referee can only be referred to Interactive French once. In the event that the same referee is referred to Interactive French more than one time, only the referrer who shows by the referee will be eligible for a voucher.

2.5. The referrer will only be eligible to receive the voucher if the referee completed the purchase of package (private/ semi-private) of at least 10 hours or one course.

2.6. The referee must show the name of referrer when he/she enroll in the courses.


3. Terms for a voucher under the program

    1. The referrer is eligible to receive a $200 voucher if they refer referee who is placed in the permanent position by Interactive French.
    2. The voucher can only be used for a group course / package (private/ semi-private) of at least 10 hours.
    3. The voucher is not refundable or convertible into cash.
    4. The voucher is not transferable.
    5. The voucher will expire 1 month after the end date of the current course/ package or the date the referee has made a full payment for the course / package, whichever is the latest.
    6. The voucher can only be used for the next course/ package.
    7. The voucher cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotions.


In the event of any disputes, Interactive French reserves the right of the final decision.