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The prerequisite for diligent training is a standard pronunciation of Mandarin.
Do not rush to practice repeatedly before you have learned how to pronounce it well, or you will consolidate your mistakes
and will need to spend much time correcting them.

一 : Practical Materials

Learn practical Mandarin phonetics,
vocabulary and grammar in a focused
manner to avoid inefficient learning and

二 : Interactive demonstration and imitation

The huge inertia of the native dialect makes it almost impossible for adults to correct their own pronunciation.
Therefore interactive counselling
by professional teachers can help you learn efficiently.

三 : Systematic practice

All skills require diligent training.
''No day without a line''

New HSK (1-9)

Interactive Mandarin provides HSK courses  to students who are aiming to take the exam in the future.


The lessons' content will include :

  • Pinyin system (for beginners only)
  • Grammar points
  • Vocabulary and characters
  • Exam format prep. (1-2 months before exam date)
  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises

Students can improve their confidence and develop their exam skills with one of our experienced tutors.


We offer exam preparation course for all levels.
(New HSK from 2022 contains 9 levels, last 3 levels to be confirmed)


Elementary Levels

  • HSK 1 (500 characters)
  • HSK 2 (1,272 characters)
  • HSK 3 (2,245 characters)

Intermediate Levels

  • HSK 4 (3,245 characters)
  • HSK 5 (4,216 characters)
  • HSK 6 (5,456 characters)

Advanced Levels (TBC)

  • HSK 7
  • HSK 8
  • HSK 9



1. Coursework


Prononciation, Pinyin system, sentences structures, vocabulary

2. Past papers


Sample conversations, key words and sentences in reading

3. Grammar


Sentence Structures & Common Mistakes

4. Techniques


Questions types analysis, content organisation, time management

Exam requirements

New HSK has been adjusted to more realistic knowledge.


A.  Elementary Levels

Overall requirements for learners:

  • Understand simple texts in Mandarin
  • Able to communicate during daily conversations with limited vocabulary.
  • Able to use simple structures
  • Understand some knowledge of Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication skills


HSK 1 : Self-introduction, daily routine, food, transportation, hobbies, etc.

HSK 2 : Basic social life, family life, school life, shopping, dining, personal feelings, etc.

HSK 3 : Travelling, school/work description, entertainment activities, festivals, education, occupations, etc.

B.  Intermediate Levels 

Overall requirements for learners :

  1. Understand Chinese texts with a variety of topics and themes
  2. Start & hold conversations in Chinese fluently
  3. Able to discuss complicated topics in paragraphs, such as daily life, work, occupation, social and cultural related topics
  4. Know how to use common communication strategies to help
  5. Have good knowledge of Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication skills


HSK 4 : community life, health, school life, daily office communication, animals, plants, etc.

HSK 5 : interpersonal relationships, lifestyle, learning methods, environment, society, etc.

HSK 6 : more general life to specific work- and study-related fields, such as business social interaction, corporate affairs, problem and conflict solving, and culture comparisons.

C. Advanced Levels (to refer to Business Mandarin)

We offer 1 hour trial lesson (offline & online)

Interactive Mandarin offers one-on-one private lessons, small group lessons (with other students)  and online classes.

Students could choose their own time and place of study.
We customize the content and the pace of our courses to help students get the most out of their studies in a short period of time.

Our HSK Course Plan & Materials

IM HSK Course-01