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  • Adults
  • Teens

Business Mandarin

  • for Mandarin & English speakers
  • Various fields


  • Mandarin
  • French
  • English


  • Mandarin Native speaker 
  • English & French Speaker (fluently)
  • Basic Cantonese


  • 5+ years of experience in Business Mandarin

Andy is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in teaching Business Mandarin to professionals across various industries.
As a native Mandarin speaker, he brings a deep understanding of both the language and Chinese business culture to his teaching.

Andy's passion for teaching, coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience, make him a trusted advisor and mentor for anyone looking to excel in conducting business in Mandarin-speaking contexts.
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Andy is dedicated to helping you achieve your language and professional goals with confidence and proficiency.

Business Mandarin

​Andy has honed his skills in designing tailored curriculum and delivering interactive lessons that cater to the specific needs of his students.
His expertise lies not only in language instruction but also in providing insights into cross-cultural communication and business etiquette in Chinese-speaking environments.

Andy has worked with clients ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses. His hands-on approach and real-world examples ensure that his students not only master the language but also gain practical skills for success in their professional endeavors.

  • Specialisations:
    Business Mandarin Language Instruction
    Cross-cultural Communication
    Business Etiquette in Chinese-speaking Environments
    Industry-specific Vocabulary and Terminology


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