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Amy is a homegrown Hong Kong based tutor.
She had experience as a manager of the Beijing office of AIC education (Jia Qiao).
Later, she came back to Hong Kong and worked briefly as a SAT instructor and admissions consultant.



She started tutoring as early as high school and continued on working as a TA in the mathematics department at Columbia University.
She has been self employed for 7+ years as an experienced full time tutor in Mandarin, Cantonese and English for students across many grades and schools in Hong Kong.


Business Mandarin

Thanks to her working experience in a bank and law firm, Amy is specialised in the banking and finance, legal, medical and pharmacy fields.



What we appreciate the most about Amy's teaching is the tailor made lesson according to what is being taught at school.

For example, the character analysis notes about the novel they were reading at school was very helpful.

-Angie (Alyse's mother)