Exam Preparation

Improve your exam results in IGCSE and IB

It's time to prepare for your Mandarin Exam!


Interactive Mandarin provides I/GCSE Chinese prep. to students who are going to take the exam.


The lessons' content will include :

  • Essay corrections
  • Past paper exercises
  • Exam techniques
  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises

Students can improve their confidence and develop their exam skills with one of our experienced tutors.


We offer exam preparation course for 3 different types and levels :

  • The first language (CIE IGCSE Chinese as a First language 0509)
  • The second language (CIE IGCSE Chinese as a Second Language 0523, Edexcel IGCSE Chinese)
  • Mandarin (CIE IGCSE Mandarin 0547)


These courses cover five main topic areas according to the description in the syllabus. 

  1. Everyday activities
  2. Personal and social life
  3. The world around us
  4. The world of work
  5. The international world​ ​

1. Coursework


Composition, Proof-reading and Analysis

2. Past papers


Sample essays, Key words and Sentences in reading

3. Grammar


Sentence Structures & Common Mistakes

4. Techniques


Questions types analysis, Content organisation, Time management

IB (Language A & B)

Interactive Mandarin provides IB Chinese Language A and B preparation lessons to students who are going to take the exam.


The lessons' content will include :

  • Essay corrections
  • Past paper exercises
  • Exam techniques
  • Mock exams
  • Feedbacks

Our tutors are experienced and familiar with the IB examination.
They will help the students to achieve their best and feel confident in tackling the exam.


We offer exam preparation course for 4 different types and levels :

  • IB Chinese A1 (Higher Level & Standard Level) Course
  • IB Chinese A2 (Higher Level & Standard Level) Course
  • IB Chinese B (Higher Level & Standard Level) Course
  • IB Chinese AB (SL) Course





We offer 1 hour trial lesson (offline & online)

Interactive Mandarin offers one-on-one private lessons, small group lessons (with other students)  and online classes.

Students could choose their own time and place of study.
We customize the content and the pace of our courses to help students get the most out of their studies in a short period of time.

Our students come from




My daughter has been learning with Interactive Mandarin for 1 year.

They have top tutors. They are patient, friendly and knowledgeable!
-Anna G.

Their tutor was very knowledgeable about the subject and provided good tools to my son. My son is much more confident in Mandarin now.
​-Cindy S.

My Chinese tutor was very encouraging and helped me through the entire process!
-William Z.

Wow my Mandarin tutor went step by step through my homework and made every problem seem easy. I got a good results in my Chinese exam.
-Stephanie D.


Our students' achievements


Learn effectively with us

The prerequisite for diligent training is a standard pronunciation of Mandarin.
Do not rush to practice repeatedly before you have learned how to pronounce it well, or you will consolidate your mistakes
and will need to spend much time correcting them.

一 : Practical Materials

Learn practical Mandarin phonetics,
vocabulary and grammar in a focused
manner to avoid inefficient learning and

二 : Interactive demonstration and imitation

The huge inertia of the native dialect makes it almost impossible for adults to correct their own pronunciation.
Therefore interactive counselling
by professional teachers can help you learn efficiently.

三 : Systematic practice

All skills require diligent training.
''No day without a line''