Business Mandarin


Our Business Mandarin courses

Elementary Business Mandarin

(20-30 hours)

  • 巩固拼音知识
  • 普通話詞語與方言的发音比较
  • 容易读错的字和词语
  • 商务情景对话
  • 商务环境文化背景介绍
Suitable for

People with basic knowledge of Mandarin (HSK 2-3) and zero experience in a Mandarin professional environment

Course focus

  • Pronunciation practice︰ to consolidate knowledge of Mandarin/Chinese pronunciation and to practice correct pronunciation
  • Culture & habits︰To assist in communication and understanding, and to recognize the distinctive idiomatic usage of Mandarin
  • Training on easy-to-mistake words:Contrasting the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese.   (for Cantonese speakers only)

Improve your pronunciation in Mandarin with the help of native tutors


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Experienced tutors with business background

Intermediate Business Mandarin

(20-30 hours)

  • 语音:词组音调的练习
  • 普通话与方言用词习惯比较
  • 商务谈判
  • 围绕教材结合所在行业展开讨论
  • 表达对时事热点议题的观点

​Suitable for

Professionals who often have business trip to Mainland China or who have business calls in Mandarin.

Course focus

  • Conversing︰to facilitate learner through role plays and to improve speaking skills.
  • Terminology︰ Expand vocabulary and sentence patterns related to your business field

We offer 1 hour trial lesson (offline & online)

Interactive Mandarin offers one-on-one private lessons, small group lessons (corporate or group of friends)  and online classes.

Students could choose their own time and place of study.
We customize the content and the pace of our courses to help students get the most out of their studies in a short period of time.

With instructors from China, Taiwan and Malaysia, you can learn
Mandarin/Chinese as well as local business and corporate culture.

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Advanced Business Mandarin

Male and female Chinese office colleagues in business attire carefully observing computer screen content.

(20-30 hours)

  • 语音:语调在句子中的表达技巧
  • 提高普通话表达能力和流利程度
  • 增强演讲技巧
  • 了解中国与周边国家的商业往来状况
  • 跟进中国最新出台的商业政策

Suitable for

People who need to communicate fluently and confidently in Mandarin

Course focus:

    • Conversing︰to improve oral fluency and discuss relevant issues.
    • Background & Business related conversations 
    • Real-life business scenarios and practical
      conversations to enhance your ability to conduct business in Mandarin

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Learn effectively with us

The prerequisite for diligent training is a standard pronunciation of Mandarin.
Do not rush to practice repeatedly before you have learned how to pronounce it well, or you will consolidate your mistakes
and will need to spend much time correcting them.

一 : Practical Materials

Learn practical Mandarin phonetics,
vocabulary and grammar in a focused
manner to avoid inefficient learning and

二 : Interactive demonstration and imitation

The huge inertia of the native dialect makes it almost impossible for adults to correct their own pronunciation.
Therefore interactive counselling
by professional teachers can help you learn efficiently.

三 : Systematic practice

All skills require diligent training.
''No day without a line''